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Dear Teachers,

Uniscan Grup Educational and Express Publishing challenge you to take part in the national contest “My First Illustrated Encyclopedia!” we are launching this spring. We invite you to innovate your teaching by bringing CLIL materials (Content and Language Integrated Learning) into your class! Assign motivating exploration tasks as homework that your students can submit via email by clicking a “send” button in the cross-platform application! Strengthen their critical reading skills and strategies! Develop multilingual interests and attitudes! Diversify methods & forms of classroom teaching and learning! 


- increase motivation and the study of natural language seen in context

- language acquisition rather than enforced learning

- wider cultural context

- natural language development

- long-term learning

- improve overall and specific language competence

- lexical approach, reading is the essential skill

- appropriate pre-, while- and post-reading tasks

- discover authentic information, stunning images and interesting facts

- captivating videos and documentaries

- visually appealing explanation of the main vocabulary


 CLIL Readers, more than just a Book!

CLIL readers are non-fiction titles which introduce learners to exciting topics related to our world. They offer a great variety of topics that encourage readers to explore subject areas such as Science, History, Geography, etc. Learners enjoy the story as a reading text in several chapters, with stunning photographs which help them follow the plot. Each chapter is accompanied by language activities to help comprehension and develop critical thinking. Every reader brings out a fascinating myth, story or legend to capture the imagination of the learners and offer a different perspective of the topic. At the end of each reader there are portfolios and projects to consolidate and extend the pupils’ language and content learning. All Express Publishing CLIL Readers are accompanied by a digital cross-platform application that contains: the digital version of the reader, a digital audio-visual dictionary, a collection of additional cross-curricular activities as well as captivating videos that support and extend the topic of the reader. The application can be downloaded on 3 different devices (i.e. laptop, i-pad, smart phone) and can be used without internet connection after the download has been completed. Students will receive an activation code to download the digital application which can be used for 3 years.

Find out more about Express Publishing CLIL readers at the following link:

Contest Challenge

The contest dares students to search for additional information on the topic developed in the reader and design a CLIL page. The page will show a stunning photo and will give amazing information on the topic of the reader that was not presented by the author. Students should explore different readers so as to compile a collection of CLIL pages to form their First Illustrated Encyclopedia! (see Contest Rules and Regulation for more details).


Students organized in groups according to their age and level of English. The project requires both individual study and group work! 


Contest Participation & Registration

  1. Place a minimum order of 20 CLIL readers (accompanied by the cross-platform application which is automatically included).  Keep a copy of the payment receipt!

  2. Organise and coordinate groups of minimum 20 students (maximum 30 students) to work on the project.

  3. Send the group final project, a completed registration form, and a copy of the receipt to our office address by May 26, 2017at the latest.

The Contest Period

24th of February – 26th of May 2017.

Be aware that there are monthly prizes to be offered according to certain deadlines!


Contest Prizes

* 240 – 360 Express Publishing readers to be awarded to 12 winning groups (240 -360 winning students). Prizes are awarded monthly according to the following monthly deadlines:

- End of March: the first 3 group projects received during 15th – 17th of March

End of April: the first 3 group projects received during 12th– 14th of April

End of May: the first 3 group projects received during 24th – 26thof May

June, 1st: prize draw – 3 projects to be picked from all the participating projects that were not declared winners before

* All participating students will receive a free activation code for a cross-platform application CLIL reader. Available titles: The Solar System (Primary), The Polar Bear and The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Lower & Upper Secondary). All three titles include a reader, a digital audio-visual dictionary, additional cross-curricular activities, as well as captivating videos that support and extend the topic of the reader.

* All coordinating teachers will receive a CLIL Reader Teacher’s Pack consisting of the book, the cross platform application and a Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM. A Certificate of Project Coordinator will also be awarded to all participating teachers.

Contest Special Offer

Buy a minimum of 20 CLIL readers and get 25% OFF!

Suggested CLIL Readers

Primary Students: ”Explore Our World” CLIL Readers

Lower & Upper Secondary Students: “Discover Our Amazing World” CLIL Readers

Fore more information on the two series titles and levels please download the Suggested CLIL Readers lists!

Suggested CLIL Readers for Primary Students

Suggested CLIL Readers for Secondary Students

Please place your orders to:

Uniscan Grup Educational


Anca Mocanu: 0733300901;

Nicoleta Ropar: 0733300908;

Mariana Vilsan: 0733300907;

Doina Ghita: 0733300903;

Cristina Lepadatu: 0733300906;

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