My First Illustrated Encyclopedia


 Contest Rules and Regulation




1. Contest Challenge

Organise students in groups of minimum 20/ maximum 30 according to their age and level of English and ask them choose a name for their group

As a final follow up have each student in the group design their own CLIL page

- The design of the CLIL page has to do with internet research and individual work. It must give information about an amazing fact related to the topic of the reader, info that was not mentioned in the book; the info is to be presented as a non fictional, documentary style written text. The text must be accompanied by a stunning photo in high resolution covering 50% of the page.

- Give an appropriate title to the CLIL page

- Collect all the CLIL pages and have students bind them together in alphabetical order of the topics

- Ask the group of students to design the front cover of their Encyclopedia!

- Attach the Registration form given as the back cover showing the name of the group that has designed the Encyclopedia, all the participating students’ names, the coordinating teacher, school, town, teacher’s e-mail address and phone number.

- Primary school students’ projects should be designed on A5/A4 format paper; number of words: 30 – 60 (according to the grade they are in)

- Lower/ upper secondary students’ projects should be designed on A4 format paper; number of words: 120 – 150 (according to the grade they are in)


  ancient egipt

2. Steps to follow to enter the contest

Purchase a minimum of 20 different CLIL readers for the students in the group

- Send by post or courier the group’s project by 26th of May 2017 latest (postal date). Be aware there are prizes to be awarded every contest month!!! (see the Evaluation and Prizes section)

- Make sure the back cover of the project contains all the information requested in the registration form

- Make sure you include a copy of the receipt in the envelope

- Send the projects to the following address: Uniscan Grup Educaţional, str. Rucăr, nr.17, sector 1, Bucureşti.


the bottlenose dolphin

3. Evaluation and Prizes

As the previous experience in dealing with contests proved all the students’ works are incredibly well done, very creative and original and had great impact on us we have decided to offer all participants a free activation code for a cross-platform application of a CLIL reader. They will be able to download the digital reader on 3 devices (laptop/ desktop, smart phone, tablet) and access karaoke reading, a digital audio-visual dictionary, a collection of additional cross-curricular activities as well as captivating videos that support and extend the topic of the reader.

 Available titles:  The Solar System (primary), The Polar Bear and The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (secondary).

 Coordinating teachers will receive a Teacher’s pack of a CLIL reader consisting of the free activation code for the cross-platform application, the CLIL book, and the Teacher’s resource CD-ROM. A Certificate of Project Coordinator will be awarded to all coordinating teachers.


the maori people


Every month there will be prizes awarded to 3 groups of students that are the first to send us their project! Each student in the group will receive an Express Publishing reader from other Express Publishing Graded Readers Collections.

The deadlines for sending projects each month are as it follows:

March 15th – 17th: 60-90 readers go to the first 3 groups that are the first to send their project

April: 12th – 14th: 60-90 readers go to the first 3 groups that are the first to send their project

May: 24th – 26th: 60-90 readers go to the first 3 groups that are the first to send their project


On 1st of June there will be a prize draw and another 60-90 prizes will go to 3 groups of students. Only the projects that have not been awarded prizes already will participate in this raffle.

The winners will be announced on 1st of June 2017 on our website (contest section).


Contest Special Offer

Buy 20 CLIL readers and get 25% OFF!


Please place your orders to:

Uniscan Grup Educational


Anca Mocanu: 0733300901;

Nicoleta Ropar: 0733300908;

Mariana Vilsan: 0733300907;

Doina Ghita: 0733300903;

Cristina Lepadatu: 0733300906;

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